At first I just discounted it as either standard cell phone issues or that I was mumbling. Under the screen is a thumb keyboard and on the back of the unit is a VGA camera. It is also immediately noticeable the number of buttons on the front. While it is often slower than other options specifically compared to WiFi , it is an extremely available option as cellular networks are much more available than open WiFi networks. The battery in the device can defiantly hold its own. The PDA2k is a power house of function and likely the user that is going to fully use a device like this would be the business user or the tech user.

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It is a pinnacle of style, power, and functionality all rolled into one device.

i-mate PDA2k – Full phone specifications

It is pretty standard, and rather large for my taste. One interesting thing to note is u-mate using the camera, the devices screen will turn up to full brightness, likely so you can see the live camera feed well.

With the PDA2k I don’t have to i-ate news stories before I leave for class, or in the library before class starts over WiFibut can do it whenever I want to see what is new. You can specify if you want better performance or the best possible battery life. The device requires someone that wants ;ocket be always connected, needs access to the internet and email, always has a phone with them, and wants a device that won’t let them down when they need it most.

The keyboard however has tons of practical use.


i-mate PDA2k – Silver (Unlocked) Smartphone

To test the device, I used it to make all my calls. When it comes to wireless, this device has it all. I have big hands, so I px keys to be of substantial size and easy to press. While I did some testing, I did not elusively test the Bluetooth due to time constrains.

A number of users including me noticed some issues with the phones microphone, and poor voice pickup for calls. In fact, I use it all the time.

The back of the device has the camera as well as the removable battery that is latched by a small easy to open latch on the bottom back of the device. There is really no sense to “buttering up” this review. The battery in the device can defiantly hold its own. We’ll start the the short range and move up. For instance, you can do one handed operation for quite a number of functions. Normally I run my devices at full or near full brightness.

Dave’s Score – 8. The problem could be the placement of the microphone, which looks like it is on the bottom not back, but bottom by the sync port. Again, WiFi can be enabled from the Wireless Manager and flashes the left light green when it is on. Then my girlfriend noted it, and when I said I thought it was one of the two things I just mentioned, she said she just didn’t think it sounded as clear as other phones.

Now, on screen buttons i-matf get pressed, but usually the screen will get smudged after using it. For all the features, the device is relatively light and also thin only 0.

The camera is good for quick snapshots, but that is about it. Poxket SD slot is on the back half of the device, and the front half slides up or the back slides down. I often use WiFi in my daily life and love having it embedded in the device instead of having to use a card.

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The bottom of the device has the soft reset button, sync port which can also be used for power, but there is no AC adapter portand the microphone which is not in a good location for phone calls nor for recoding voices in a room. For expansion, an SDIO slot is included at the top of the device. The PDA2k is a power house of function and likely the user that is going to fully use poc,et device like this would be the business user or the tech user.

The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen. It is really easy to press and direct, which is very good. It is very easy to hear calls and get the caller good and loud.

The specifications say this equates to hours or talk time, 15 hours of PDA time, and hours of standby time. Because of the size and weight of the device, many users may prefer a headset, and while you can plug in a wired headset, going wireless allows you quite a bit more leeway. With WiFi, there is pra2k some onboard application for connection information.