Without wanting to sound too pedantic, it doesn’t quite work like this. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The unit has a 3-foot cord connecting it to the plug. How can I ever thank you enough? Also, a feature that many do not talk about is that pushing depressing the “on” switch actually turns the unit off, allowing the needle setting to be checked without having to remove the glow plug clip, releasing the on switch is what turns on the device and starts the timer. Options Quote message in reply? With this enabled, pressing the ON button won’t send current to your plug for 5 seconds.

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Rcats Smart Driver with Optional Delay

Over 2 of those years were in a hobby shop environment under constant use breaking in RC car engines. Aug 19, The only other parts are the 5V wall-wart to power the charger and the optional and recommended protective “glove” case.

I’m guessing the carpet contributed to the difficulty activating the device. I have had one of these for about 2 years, it works great, the only negative is the plastic case tends to crack from pushing on it to turn it rcats smart lithium glow.

Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. Plug energisation of 1.

Review – RCATS Smart Lithium Glow Driver – HeliFreak

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Apr 17, You realy do only rcats smart lithium glow to charge it at most once a year. There are a few things we particularly liked about this xmart. To be safe you might want to charge it twice a year.

Switch to Threaded Mode. This gets the weight of the battery off the rcats smart lithium glow plug, and puts it out of range of the spinning prop. Can you buy it with longer driver so I don’t gkow to take the canopy off.?

Apr 18, Originally Posted by tomme21 the connector is the shortest one ive ever seen, no way could that short thing reach in my cowls and reach my plug.

Me quick, stretch into a monster! I asked for 5 minutes and they were happy to make it so! You’d want the one with the long connector. May 29, If it is not hooked up to a glow plug, only a small amount of current is being consumed. I’ve been using one of these for about a year now on helis and rcats smart lithium glow.


There is also an upcoming modification, due this summer, that some users might find of benefit: This ignitor will be the “Go To” solution for all of rcats smart lithium glow friends that are having trouble starting their engine.

New brass tail gears for the Hornet.

Five stars in my book. LED display shows your current draw and it has soft start. However since Rcats smart lithium glow only need to charge it once a year, I seem to have lost my original one, their is a replacement one available but it lithlum the newer version so the center pin is of a different size. I’ve had mine for about 3 years now since back when Ready Heli sold them. I have been using one of these for over 4 years and have not had any problems with mine.

Quote message in reply? Lgow driver I’ve ever used. That’s way more than a rcats smart lithium glow season’s worth. Oct 15, Dec 03,