Are you particular about loading Ubuntu onto Chromebook. January 27, January 27, Vipin Raj 2 Comments. Sankaran Raman February 18, at 9: We have usb-modeswitch and gnome-ppp wvdial frontend ready. You may have to used an ethernet connection to download the packages and install automatically via Ubuntu Software Center or download. The damn thing is very slippery! Due to lack of official Linux support, setting up EV-DO in Linux can be quite tricky, but here is how to do it easily, without much fuss.

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May be you need to install additional drivers for your data card. Mathew Simonds March 5, at 8: Save the modules file, remove the device from usb slot and reboot.

Oh this is straightforward, press connect button and press the log button to see what is happening. This line makes sure, your dialing using 3g modem does not wait for the prompt to appear and here is the trick to get your 3g modem without any problem without this stupid mode option, your modem may not connect.

Phone number should be for bsnl. They still have version in their repos.

If you want it urgently you can give openSUSE Tick ” Ignore terminal strings stupid mode ” in the last tab along with minimize and dock to tray, if you want to monitor your ppp connection, which of course, you will want to!! Post as a guest Name.

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So Ubuntu it is for me! You should press your thumb on the flat region, with screws facing sky, usb tip facing you, thumb facing against your body. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mathew Simonds January 13, at 1: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring USB Modem on Ubuntu

I am using Terecom data card which come with a USB mass storage. Bala June 20, at 9: Sorry, could not check, that dongle is no more with me and my friend is far far away. ScorpFromHell May evfo, at 6: The username and passwords should be filled appropriately.

But the only thing i m facing problem is in dialing part. Sankaran Raman December 3, at 9: Sankaran Raman August 18, at This is tested and verified in Linux Mint The Moto G7 will be the successor to the last year’s Moto G6.

BSNL EVDO in Linux – The Easy Way – Anurag Bhandari

Out of the several Linux variants available to a ubuntj, Ubuntu has seen wide adoption rates in India. Let us know what you get. But here are my observations I guess this new usb-modeswitch-data has not landed on debian unstable or testing or ubuntu lucid repos. Please read the FAQ at http: October 28, at 5: Pan India Spectrum Details.

How to Install and Configure BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Sankaran Raman May 26, at I assume that you boot your PC, log in, nsnl in the modem, wait for a while and run the commands sudo wvdialconf sudo wvdial Once you run the second command the modem tries to connect and once connection is successful, you will be shown the IP and DNS addresses. Are you particular about loading Ubuntu onto Chromebook.

Wvdial package does not come preinstalled and will have to be installed separately Not sure about just released Ubuntu Compare the output evvo both the cases; whichever new entry appears in the list is of your modem.