Make sure the airflow to the computer is not blocked. Use the Character Map to locate and select the appropriate symbol. Clicking noise coming from inside a CRT monitor. Solving Network Problems Some common causes and solutions for network problems are listed in the following table. During boot, the other monitor connectors are disabled and if the monitor is connected into these ports, the monitor will not function. To restart the computer, press the power button again.

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See the Hardware Reference Guide for instructions on installing a new battery, or contact an authorized dealer or reseller for RTC battery replacement. Shut down the computer and contact HP for a replacement enclosure.

Insert a bootable diskette into the diskette drive and restart the computer. You must disconnect the power cord from the power source before opening the computer to prevent system board or component damage. In the Tasks list, select Manage network connections. Agere system pci sv92pp soft modem the system still does not recognize the new device, check to see if the device is listed within Computer Setup.

To resume from standby mode, press the power button or press any key. The application was not installed or configured correctly. If it is turned on, then replace the power button harness.

Use the Device Manager to check memory configuration. Agere system pci sv92pp soft modem the system board. UpdateStar has been qgere to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8. If the system remains in suspend mode, shut down the computer by pressing and holding the power button for at least four seconds then press the power button again to restart the computer.

If you take the computer to an authorized reseller, dealer, or service provider for service, remember to provide the setup and power-on passwords if they are set.

Install a working, industry-standard NIC, or change the boot sequence to boot from another source. Power LED flashes Red three times, once every second, followed by modeem two second pause. External speakers plugged into the wrong audio jack on a recently installed sound card.

Monitor settings in the computer are not compatible with the monitor. If using an Agere system pci sv92pp soft modem card, make sure that the lock tab located on the right of the SD card is not in the locked position. If the screen is blank, plug the monitor into a different video port on the computer if one is available.

Open the locking device on the diskette.

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Computer appears locked up and will not turn off when the power button is pressed. Power supply shuts down intermittently.

If you encounter software problems, see the applicable solutions listed in the following table. OR Press and hold the power button for less than 4 seconds. Drive cable is not properly connected. You must log on to your ISP before some programs will start. Click the Power Management tab, then select the check box to Allow this device to wake the computer. Network driver is not properly loaded. Ensure that all four pins on the diskette power cable are connected to the drive.

Try a bootable CD in the drive. The operating system needs time to recognize the device if the reader was just installed into the computer and you are turning the PC on for the first time. Install a TXT agere system pci sv92pp soft modem processor. Computer will not continue agere system pci sv92pp soft modem no HP logo screen has appeared. Install the correct driver for the device. Verify Internet settings or contact your ISP for assistance.

Double-click Local Area Connection.

agere system pci sv92pp soft modem Check that both power supply cables are properly connected to the system board. Video resolution and refresh rate are set higher than what the monitor supports.

You are using a fixed-sync monitor and it will not sync at the resolution chosen. Printer memory may be overloaded. Sound cuts in and out.